Arcania relates to the ARCANUM, as wonderfully explained in this film (ENGLISH language with German subtitles):

What has been passed on in the hidden manner over centuries by symbols and legends can be openly communicated nowadays and be lived.
This path will always be “mystic” in the sense that is opening up while walking on it. Walking the path in community means to support each other overcoming the obstacles on the path.

Beside the essential path of divine initiation through the arcanum we have other principles which can help to live life in a pure attitude:

  • we explore new forms of societies
  • we live positive culture with music and other fine arts as path of consciousness expansion
  • political we are only in the sense that any form of grouping, of community always is in an exchange with forms of societies around and with political systems
  • religion: We are religious without a confesional “church” in the sense of Samael Aun Weor as ambassarod of Christ. Thus every member can be of any different religion